Write (verb): to live, to make a difference


Reviews of The Rising of the Moon


From Publisher’s Weekly

“This fine first novel tells of feminist revolution in a dystopian patriarchy of the not too distant future. At the center of the story is Nuala Dennehy, who has left her native Ireland to escape legalized subjugation of women. … In Nuala, Connolly has drawn a portrait of a complex, passionate, energetic, intellectual woman who becomes the reluctant leader of a revolution. The characters she surrounds Nuala with are, likewise, well drawn. The story’s pace is fast, the situations are dramatic and the resolution is both joyous and tragic.”

From Locus

The Rising of the Moon is one of the most impressive first novels of the year. … Connolly’s vision of people building revolution from the bricks and mortar of discontent and abuse is masterfully rendered. She presents a powerful and effective argument for forcing political revolution in the face of government that is not in the best interests of the governed. … What is most impressive is that a novel so filled with politics and polemic can be so involving and exciting. Nuala Dennehy is an incredible character, complex, fully-rounded, appealing, and passionate in her beliefs in a way that convinces, a character on paper with an orator’s gifts–her speeches are perhaps the best written passages.”

From Sense of Wonder

The Rising of the Moon illustrates how much one person with strong beliefs can accomplish, if they have the courage to stand and fight. Flynn Connolly is an excellent example of the exciting, thought-provoking, new writer the Del Rey Discovery line was created to showcase.”



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